Distinguished Members and friends of the Gina Bachauer International Music Association.


The Gina Bachauer International Music Association has set as its main targets, first of all to keep the memory of the unforgettable Gina Bachauer alive and second to offer scholarships to talented young pianists, for post-graduate studies abroad.

Gina Bachauer was a persona of international status and recognition. A musician role model, she offered deep satisfaction and joy to all the people who attended her recitals, concerts and to all those that she tutored.

She was taught the secrets of the art of piano from the distinguished Polish virtuoso and professor of piano Woldemar Freeman. Freeman, a charismatic teacher, was the one who without doubt formed the talent of the young Gina Bachauer.

She made a great career, beginning from Greece and then reaching many other countries of the World. She performed with almost every major Orchestra of the World, collaborating with the most respected and established Directors of Orchestras of her time.

But never did she forget her country, Greece, often returning in order to perform in concerts or recitals.

Whenever she was in Athens, she would stay at her house in Halandri, which she loved and took care of with great affection.

Also, she never forgot the young students of music, the younger representatives of her art. Every way she could, she would support the new generation of musicians, by teaching them in seminars and master classes, by advising and consulting them, or by arranging for their performances.

Today, the Gina Bachauer International Music Association, with respect to the memory of the great pianist, continues her work, by supporting and making known new charismatic musicians of our country.

In a time where most moral values are in question, it’s very easy for one to understand the importance of encouraging and projecting the work of young talented artists. Over the years, Greece has produced personalities of international status, with an undeniable contribution to the art of music, such as Dimitri Mitropoulos, Maria Callas and of course, Gina Bachauer.

Our country keeps producing extremely gifted musicians all the time. Young musicians from all over Greece, never cease to impress with their admirable abilities. Bearing in mind that the number of young students that study and excel in music is considerable, we regard as our duty to stand by them and aid them on their way to serving the art of music in the best possible way.

Constantine P. Carambelas Sgourdas
President of the Gina Bachauer International Music Association

5 December 2014

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