Play a role in the establishment of today’s Greek stars of Piano!

The Gina Bachauer International Music Association is one of the most active musical Associations in Europe. With a continuous activity both in Greece and abroad, the Association recently celebrated its 30 years of existence and contribution to music with a very successful event that took place on the 20th of May 2009 in the Athens Hall of Music (Megaron)  
The Gina Bachauer International Music Association has set as its main targets, first of all to keep the memory of the unforgettable Gina Bachauer alive and second to offer scholarships to talented young pianists, for post-graduate studies abroad.
In a time where most moral values are in question, it’s very easy for one to understand the importance of encouraging and projecting the work of young talented artists. Over the years, Greece has produced personalities of international status, with an undeniable contribution to the art of music, such as Dimitri Mitropoulos, Maria Callas and of course, Gina Bachauer.
Our country keeps producing extremely gifted musicians all the time. Young musicians from all over Greece, never seize to impress with their admirable abilities. Baring in mind that the number of young students that study and excel in music is considerable, we regard as our duty to stand by them and aid them on their way to serving the art of music in the best possible way.
Gina Bachauer loved the young Musicians and devoted a big part of her life to them. We follow her example and get inspired by her work.
The Gina Bachauer International Music Association offers scholarships to gifted young pianists for studies abroad and with a big interest stands by them in their first and so crucial steps of their artistic journey. The scholars are chosen after a very high standard, strict and thorough hearing procedure in the annual competition.
We contact you, in order to ask you to CONTRIBUTE TO OUR WORK AND TO OUR GINA BACHAUER SCHOLARSHIPS FUND. A work that was supported by the active contribution of the late Alexandra Kanellopoulou. She was the first to fulfill the vision and begin the effort of our Association. This effort focuses on supporting the Musical, Artistic Youth of our country, by providing scholarships for International Studies in Music, to those who are looking forward to spreading their wings in the International Music Scene and making every Greek Proud for his/her Heritage.
Each scholarship is consisted by a fund of 10000-12000 euros, an amount that can cover a scholar’s studying and staying abroad for one year.
We would consider it a great Honor to include your name in our Association’s SPONSORS and SUPPORTERS, by your covering of the full, or of the biggest part of each scholarship’s predetermined fund. In that case:

Your name (or that of your company) will be written on our most important documentation and publications.
You will have an often feedback on the scholar you’re supporting.
You will be able to attend to the annual Gina Bachauer International Music Association’s Competition where the scholars are selected.
You’ll be given 2 invitations for every concert or other event.
You’ll receive regular information on every activity we make, both in Greece and Abroad and most of all:
You’ll have the joy to know that you’ve made a huge contribution in the establishment of the future stars of Piano, that will soon excel and honor the name of Greece in the whole world THANKS TO YOU, that you are needed so much!

We thank you in advance for your attention and look forward to your contribution.